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Amanda Campbell/ July 2, 2018/ Blog


As it turns out when I was young, I didn’t really believe in myself …

I had deep beliefs that I was not successful, enough or safe. Now I understand that your beliefs mirror how you interpret your reality and the health your body.

In my 20’s my career led to dead end after dead end, I would work so hard and nothing was effortless. Right before a big opportunity I would sabotage it and it just never worked out.

My decisions mirrored what I deeply believed – that I was not successful and not good enough. My body started to mirror how paralysed I felt emotionally and mentally.

Initially it was numbness and pins and needles. Then a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis at age 24 years old.

This was even more evidence for me, that I would never be successful, good enough, I would never be able to achieve my dreams.

5 years later this led to a massive attack that would paralyse the entire left hand side of my body. I could not wash or feed myself and within 10 days I lost life as I knew it and became immobile and confined to a wheelchair.

I had to hit rock bottom to have no choice to succeed.

It is amazing what happens inside of you when you are forced to choose. It was in moments like this I had to decide, I was either going to give up and continue on this destructive path.

Or I could channel my energy differently, and focus on what I wanted, instead of what I didn’t want – which was to get my body and life back.

It was as if I had lit a candle in a well lit room – you don’t really notice the light. But when everything becomes dark, that is a time when you find your light and what you are truly made of.

Setbacks are designed to move you, you are supposed to feel uncomfortable – so you change paths. They also shine a light, a new perspective. A new way to see things with new lenses.

Gratitude stems from these light and dark moments as you can never feel the joy of the light until you know the despair of the darkness.

With no choice but to succeed, it was this moment that I realised that I had to learn to bend like bamboo and go with the flow. I needed to understand flexibility in my mind. I could no longer see things with the same perspective. I had to think outside of the box and see new solutions, create new possibilities. The paralysis was happening anyway I had no control. By shifting my perspective not only was I better able to organise my thoughts, I stopped wasting energy procrastinating, feeling fearful and getting nowhere. I started to focus on what I wanted instead and what I needed to do to make the best impact. I had to believe that this could be my reality. When I learned to bend with all the change that was inevitable, my body started to follow.

With a lot of determination and a team of Eastern and Western Practitioners.

Within 6 weeks I went from being in a wheelchair, to having a foot brace, to having my knee taped up – to walking on my own. A rapid recovery, often unheard of.

But I did it.

The profound change that would occur within me would effect the rest of my life. What I deeply believed about myself had changed. I started to believe that I was capable, and I had new evidence and my brain started to process this. I now knew that I could change my mind.

If you want to create change, in your relationships, within yourself or in your business. It is not enough to have a thought about where you want to be.

You must truly within every cell of your body – believe it. Like it has already occurred, as though there was a parallel universe out there and this scenario exists and you must reach out and bring it into your existence.

To walk again – I had to believe that when my toe moved, this would then become my leg, my spine, my arm and face.

I embodied the end result, as if it was already so.

I learned that a shift can occur, if the want to change is greater than the need to hold onto your blocks. In my situation I had no choice but to let go of my old beliefs that “I can’t, I’m not successful or loveable.”

I was ready to let go of that pain and how it served me prior – because sometimes, our blocks validate our pain. Sometimes we do not want to let that go. We are too angry or resentful unable to process the past.

The minute you do – you may transform and become – your optimal potential.

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