World MS Day 2018

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The countdown is on to World MS Day 2018, and right up until Wednesday 30 May we’ll be joining the global campaign reflecting on how research is bringing us closer to better treatments and a cure for multiple sclerosis. The hashtag #BringingUsCloser is your ticket to finding people and content on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. World MS Day 2018’s research theme makes this a great opportunity to get people affected by multiple sclerosis closer to researchers, as well as each other.

MS Ambassadors are inspirational men and woman who are passionate about sharing their personal story of life with multiple sclerosis. They may be diagnosed with multiple sclerosis themselves or care for someone who is. All MS Ambassadors are dedicated volunteers who care about educating the community and raising awareness engaging many types of audiences. They will share with you their unique perspective and journey of this complex diagnosis in a positive and uplifting way while motivating audiences with their courage, humour and determination.

Your MS AMBASSADOR: Amanda Campbell

Amanda had a fast paced, high profile professional career in the fashion industry, when this multi-talented young woman’s life changed tune. During 2009 at the age of twenty-nine it took just ten days for this dynamic young woman’s body to almost completely shut down. Left-sided paralysis left this normally very focused and independent young woman, scared and without the ability to lift her left arm and leg.

Admission to hospital, followed by two months of rehabilitation led Amanda to hit rock bottom and she asked herself if she would ever walk again. What followed was a miraculous awakening, where Amanda found the strength to find her way back to wellness and to get her life back.

Amanda’s recovery inspired her to study a Diploma in Sports Kinesiology. With her own professional clinic “Bend Like Bamboo”, she has now dedicated her life showing others how she achieved this. Amanda has come out the other end, enjoying her life by maintaining traditional medications alongside complementary medicine whilst addressing her nutrition and mind with the help of kinesiology and traditional Chinese Medicine.

She hopes to stay healthy by taking on board a positive lesson from this difficult time, a definite diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. Amanda’s journey to wellness started in 2004 and since then she has dedicated her time to finding answers to why she became so unwell, and is working on unravelling the complexities of multiple sclerosis.

What is MS?

Multiple sclerosis is a disease of the central nervous system that affects over 23,000 Australians. The average age of diagnosis is just 30 years old with 3 out of every 4 people diagnosed women. Currently there is no cure but treatments continue to help many people with multiple sclerosis to live well with the disease.

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