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Amanda Campbell/ October 21, 2015/ Blog/ 0 comments

By the age of 35, I had experienced major loss in my life which would end up leading to a true awakening for me.

In 2004 at just 24, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and in 2009 suffered a major attack that left me paralysed.

At the time I was given a 50% chance of ever walking again.

Taking a balanced approach utilising western medicine with complimentary, I was unprepared to accept this as my fate. With a great team of physiotherapists, doctors, a kinesiologist and a lot of determination, within six weeks, I stunned my doctors by not only walking, but running.

This prompted me to swap a fast paced career in the fashion industry to go back to study and research how I achieved such a rapid recovery.

I went back to school to study for a Diploma in Sports Kinesiology, a practice akin to physical psychology, which endeavours to unravel the connection between our mind and our body utilising TCM techniques.

As an accredited Sports Kinesiologist, working in my own practice, Bend Like Bamboo, I now spend my days helping a wide range of people recover their health and rebuild their lives.

Core to everything I am passionate about, is improving the health and well being of as many Australians as possible.

As part of this, I am embarking on a new business venture, Nourissh, to deliver delicious, healthy, whole food meals to people who are keen to improve the quality of what they eat.

Where Bend Like Bamboo aims to improve people’s mental health, Nourissh is squarely focused on giving people a convenient, delicious way to improve their physical health.

I strongly believe that by eating the right food and working on our emotional well being, we are then giving our body the right environment it needs to repair and thrive. This is what I believe gave me the best chance of recovery, to living a happy fulfilling life.

I now understand that our bodies are truly connected. Structurally, biochemically, emotionally and electromagnetically.

Be the light x

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