The emotional links to the thyroid

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The Thyroid

The thyroxine hormone increases metabolism

We know that the body is a mirror image of the mind, our thoughts and how we think and feel.

Cell Metabolism can represent the rate of development of an area of your life

When one becomes concerned about how slow or fast an area of their life is developing this could relate to difficulty with the thyroid gland.

When you want to slow down – metabolism seems to slow down

= weight gain

= low body temp

= fluid retention

= fatigue

Hypothyroid – can’t make thyroxin, can’t keep metabolic rate

The emotional links:

When one does not have the ability to do something about increasing the rate of development of an area of their life. Or when one believes they do not have the ability to create the necessary situations (thyroxin) to get things up and running at a faster rate

Autoimmune – the immune system attacks the thyroid and sees the thyroid as a threat

Can be related to the ability to create a situation, to increase the rate of development in an area of their life – and this is a threat to their life’s development

It is a good idea to ask yourself, how am I feeling in relation to this?

Journal daily to unravel your true feelings about what is going on for you in your life. It is so common to be so busy, loosing touch with how we truly feel, just to get on with the day.

Physical symptoms can be messengers, reminding you that you are not listening to your inner guidance and voice.

Hyperthyroid – overactive

= too much thyroxin

When a person becomes concerned that either too many situations are being created, that are accelerating rate of activity and development taking place in an area of their life

When one wishes to create more situations that are capable of increasing the rate of development in an area of their life


So what you BELEVE is the key isn’t it?
It is mere perception that generates what we believe about any given situation that occurs in life. Once we believe something it can be the only reality we perceive. When we change the way we feel about something it can change what we see in our reality around us, but also what occurs biochemically in the body. Everything is connected.

To understand how perception occurs we must remember that our beliefs stem from an idea, which stem from thoughts, which stem from our emotions or feelings from our core beliefs.


I trust in the flow of life

The people and events in my life are a mirror image of my thoughts and feelings

My life develops at the perfect rate

All is well in my world

I am safe

Emotional links to disease inspired by research
by: Gregory O. Neville and Inna Segal

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