Sinusitis – The emotional links

Amanda Campbell/ May 14, 2016/ Blog/ 3 comments

When we experience issues in the sinus and inflammation in the sinus tissue there can be an emotional association.

The body is connected, structurally, biochemically, emotionally and electromagnetically.

We may be experiencing irritation, frustration in our lives. We may be feeling fear or insecurity about ourselves, our life or a particular situation. We may want to keep people at a distance, carrying deep guilt or sadness in the past.

We may be overanalysing, overthinking, in protection mode. You may be feeling like you are being pulled in too many directions and not able to stand up for what you desire or believe in.

When mucus builds up and creates a blocked sinus this may be related to the emotional link of being selective or protective about who we are allowing into our lives.

When a person believes that there is a need to be more aggressive when looking after their ability to be more selective on how they spend their time.

They may feel like they need to keep out everything that they believe is not going to work on the area of their life that allows them to progress forward in their life.


Sometimes we get so used to being in survival mode.
Protecting ourselves from getting hurt again, not trusting our intuition or the flow if life’s events.
This creates inflammation and stress in the body that can also lead to muscle pain in different areas. Overthinking predominately creates pain in the neck and shoulders.

Focus on practicing getting the body back into safe mode.
Write a journal
Stop yourself when you start to over-plan or overthink
Practice yoga

We don’t always need to be prepared, assuming all may unravel and go wrong. You are then sending a message to the universe that you are not abundant or ok. Also to your body that you are not safe.

What would it feel like to start your day trusting that you can handle anything that comes your way? Not so exhausting right?

You might even have a great day? But would you notice it if you were on the standby for something to go wrong all of the time?

When we change the way we feel about something it can change what we see in our reality around us, but also what occurs biochemically in the body. Everything is connected.


I trust in the flow of life

I don’t need to try so hard or be anything that who I am right now

I am enough just as I am

The people and events in my life are a mirror image of my thoughts and feelings

All is well in my world

I am abundant

Emotional links to disease inspired by research
by: Gregory O. Neville and Inna Segal

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