The House of Wellness House Hero’s negative to positive

Amanda Campbell/ April 25, 2018/ Press

Choosing to focus on what she wanted, instead of what she didn’t, was the attitude that helped Amanda Campbell come out on top in her recovery from a debilitating MS attack. In 2009, Multiple Sclerosis (MS) left Amanda Campbell with severe paralysis. She lost her job, her partner and her independence. “I would stare at the ceiling wondering what had

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A Chronic Entrepreneur

Amanda Campbell/ January 7, 2018/ Press

Amanda Campbell personifies the term ‘entrepreneur’. Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at age 24, it wasn’t until she turned 29 and had an MS attack that left her paralysed, that she began to redefine who she was and live life on her own terms. Since then she has launched a number of successful businesses, all with the mission of helping others live

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Amanda enjoys her volunteer role as an Ambassador for MS Australia

Amanda Campbell/ November 23, 2017/ Press

Amanda had a fast paced, high profile professional career in the fashion industry, when this multi-talented young woman’s life changed tune. During 2009 at the age of twenty nine it took just ten days for this dynamic young woman’s body to almost completely shut down. Left-sided paralysis left this normally very focused and independent young woman, scared and without the

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Why You Should Avoid All Nighters

Amanda Campbell/ November 16, 2017/ Press

Why You Should Avoid All Nighters “You need to give your body the right environment to repair and thrive” By Amanda Campbell Sleep is critical in helping the body and mind repair. You can add more stress on the body if you pull an all nighter, as the body responds in an alarmed state leading to inflammation and stress. Try getting 7-9 hours per night

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Amanda & Henry (her pug) in the Age

Scott Julian/ November 13, 2017/ Press

Muzzle the bite of vet bills with pet insurance Amanda Campbell loves her dogs, but one of them, Henry, is a six-year-old pug, a particularly expensive breed. Vet visits include the once-a-year vaccinations and to have Henry’s nails clipped, but there have also been plenty of unscheduled visits. Henry once ate chocolate, has had ear infections, and once tore a

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“Ways You Can Fall Asleep Faster” – My

Scott Julian/ November 3, 2017/ Press/ 0 comments

Let It Go – “Train the mind to feel safe enough to rest, exhale and let go.” Find out more about Bend Like Bamboo by following them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. MyDeal Pro Tip: Lavender is a great sedative to help you sleep. A study conducted at Wesleyan University found that those who sleep with lavender essential oils in

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