Metabolism – The emotional links

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Relates in life to your personal development.

When one becomes concerned about the rate (too fast / too slow) of growth this may be related to the change in the body’s metabolism.

EG: One might feel like they want to slow down the rate of development in an area of their life

EG: One might feel like their personal development is stagnated and is not growing at the pace that they’d like / not quick enough, their body may mirror images these emotions.


Is the rate at which cell activity is taking place and energy that is being consumed.

Glucose and fat = the source of energy

When the metabolism rate increases so does the amount of glucose and fat this is used in the body, and vice versa.

Organs relate to departments in our lives.

Cell metabolism relates to the rate of development of an area of life.
When one become concerned about this rate weather it is happening too fast or too slow the body may mirror image this emotions.

EG: acquiring material assets, studying, creating a family, meeting a partner, skill development, spiritual development.


The rate of our true life’s personal development is at the rate that our wisdom is developing, via situations that occur in our life, even the ones that seem in the way or irrelevant. These situations are there to teach us the next relevant lesson to learn, to gain further wisdom.

Ask yourself : It may be a distorted view that the rate of development in your life is not correct or the criteria in measuring this is faulty? All situations serve a role.

Sometimes there is view that attending to our own personal development may seem selfish. This  creates unnecessary guilt that needs to be acknowledged and seen in new light.

Give your body the right environment it needs to repair

Focus on practicing to get the body back into safe mode.
Write a journal about your positive and difficult thoughts everyday.
Meditate on these thoughts daily and let them go.
Eat nutrient dense, seasonal wholefood
Get 8 hours sleep a night or more
Reconnect and find your purpose – live a life that you love


We are always working on our personal development in our lives.
Trust that you are where you need to be in your life right now and find the joy in that whilst working towards developing towards higher wisdom.

Emotional links to disease inspired by research
by: Gregory O. Neville and Inna Segal

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