What taxes your energy?

Amanda Campbell/ May 23, 2017/ Blog/ 0 comments

This week I want to talk about what taxes you energy?

The key is to understand why you do what you do!

When you are next stressed out about something here are some tips to help rewire your brain to work through it in a new way that will change your life.

“I am upset” – you might say to yourself. “That is unfair… of course my meeting cancelled. A date doesn’t call you back, I don’t feel valued at work…. why does this always happen to me? I am so upset”

Is this true? Ask yourself.
Because sometimes we can be stressed out about what is actually going on.
OR that scenario can be triggering off something old.

How you react is a direct mirror of what you actually believe about yourself.

If any of your beliefs are negative like “I am not enough, no one wants to love me, I am not successful or capable. I am not valued. It like like putting those beliefs on as goggles for your eyes.

So that is how you will see the world, and all you will see in any situation in your day.

This is also what is making you tired as negative and limiting beliefs are connected to the biochemical pathways in your body and the neurology of your brain. If you have been through trauma in your life you will also have strong pathways of stress, survival mode and going into a protective mindset. This fires adrenaline and cortisol, burning glucose for fuel leading to food cravings for carbs, sugar and potentially inflammation in the body.

Rebellious behaviors and sabotage is also connected to this process as it is a mirror image of what you deeply believe. The brain is designed to make your beliefs true. It is called reticular activation. Learn more on that here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYlpZ5F4668

Physical symptoms are a sign that you are not listening to your mind

Or you may be suppressing how you really feel about something as it is too painful to process.

At Bend like Bamboo I specialise in helping my clients unravel this, to rewire the brain and select a new pathway that must be created. The mind must learn to feel safe to select this new pathway and Kinesiology is the perfect tool to do just this. When we come form a place of ‘I am enough, I am safe, everything works out for me” we fire the neurology and biochemistry of ‘safe mode’ where we also burn fat for fuel, reducing inflammation. When our mind feels safe to put on the breaks we can start to believe positive beliefs and tap into our innate wisdom.

Believing it is key. When your beliefs align with your desires that is where the magic happens. We call is the flow state, the sweet spot and how you manifest. But also this is the right environment your body needs to repair and reorganise.

When we reconnect with ourselves we can alter the brain, how it responds and ultimately change our minds about how we feel about ourselves and our environment.

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