How to Bend Like Bamboo

Amanda Campbell/ May 9, 2017/ Blog/ 0 comments

I woke up today for the first time, actually ‘seeing’ the beautiful view on my daily walk with the dogs again. With motivation, ease and will that I have missed for the last few months.

It has reminded me that there really is heaven and hell here on earth – according to one’s state of mind.

How I see the world stem from my thoughts – which stem from what I deeply believe about myself, life and the environment around me.

Deep beliefs I have had about myself from a very young age, that I thought I had truly overcome, reared themselves up for me in the past few months. It has been such a challenge, down in that rabbit hole.
A theme for many of us, in this moon phase of “I feel” and being in touch with our deep emotions.

No matter how much I could consciously see that there is so much to be happy about, I just wasn’t genuinely feeling it.

Our conscious ideas we have about ourselves and what we desire are not the same as what we deeply and truly believe about ourselves and our life. In fact they each stem from different parts of the brain of conscious vs subconscious. When there is misalignment there is biological stress in the body which is often out of our awareness. A lack of manifestation, physical pain sometimes and lack of sparkle so to speak.

Kinesiology has been the only tool I have genuinely found that has helped me through times like this, that occur all of the time – it is called life. It goes up , it goes down. We are here to learn, evolve and grow.

Hence, To Bend Like Bamboo is to bend with all the change that is inevitable. Allow.
This reduces suffering allowing you to see the opportunity through the obstacle.
What are you pushing away or trying to stop in your life right now?
How can you bend and be more flexible in that process asking in your meditations what am I to learn here?

I read a beautiful article in Daily Om last week that reminded me that we do evolve. To evolve, we sometimes come full circle to revisit some old lessons. I see now that this doesn’t have to mean that I have not learned anything or that I am going ‘backwards’ on my journey. It has come up again as I am now ready to tackle a new aspect of the lesson. Because I am ready, and evolving.

A beautiful BLB member reached out and said “I love your insta page it is my favourite – I love how real you are”
How lovely. Thank you @mommyinlovewithfitness – a reminder to me that I do what I do to be real. Inspiring me to write this message today. To help others I have shared the depths of the dark places I have been in on my journey with my clients, but also the triumph and sparkle that they have led me to. Change comes from inspiration so I endeavour to inspire – to evoke the possibility in you. As you all are my teachers, and inspire me.

Amanda x

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